Home Office suspends policy of removing certain migrants without formal notice

In November 2014 the SLF grant funded Public Law Project (PLP) to carry out pre-litigation research into the lawfulness of aspects of the Immigration Act 2014 and related policies.

The research targeted a new Home Office policy whereby some migrants could be removed from the UK without being served with removal directions. This policy would have made it difficult or impossible for individuals affected to challenge the decision to schedule their removal.

PLP were instructed by Medical Justice to challenge the policy, which would have affected young migrants under 25 as well as former unaccompanied minors.
PLP sent the Home Office a detailed letter before action, and in response the Home Office agreed to suspend the policy. It will take the matters raised by PLP into account when formulating a revised policy.

PLP will continue to work on other issues covered by their SLF grant


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