Latest grants from the Strategic Legal Fund

Two grants were issued by the Strategic Legal Fund in May. The applications submitted to date showcase a great need for funding strategic legal work in an increasingly hostile environment for migrant families in the UK, and ILPA is pleased to be able to support the important work that goes on.

Matthew Gold & Co and Project 17 - £21,644

Matthew Gold & Co together with Project 17 have been awarded funds to look into the lawfulness of systems and practices employed by local authorities during section 17 Children Act assessments of destitute children with NRPF carers. These assessments increasingly focus on the credibility of carers, rather than being social work assessments of children's needs. Practices employed include fraud investigators as part of NRPF teams, credit checks without proper consent and requesting DNA samples.

Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU) - £1,500

GMIAU has been awarded funds to undertake initial scoping work to explore routes other than strategic litigation with the aim of developing policy on which local authority bears responsibility when a child has been assessed as 18+, dispersed to a new area, and requests a re-assessment of their age and s20 Children's Act support. Clearer guidance is needed to avoid young people being passed from pillar to post, waiting months or years before they receive advice on how to challenge the determination of their age.


If you have any queries about the Strategic Legal Fund, please contact or call 0207 251 8383.

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