Latest grants from the Strategic Legal Fund

Three grants were issued by the Strategic Legal Fund in July. The applications submitted to date showcase a great need for funding strategic legal work in an increasingly hostile environment for migrant families in the UK, and ILPA is pleased to be able to support the important work that goes on.

The Migrant and Refugee Children's Legal Unit at Islington Law Centre was awarded £23,823 to address the unlawfulness in the 10-year route to settlement and to evidence the discriminatory impact of the current regime on specific protected groups. Since 2012, families with children with lengthy residence in the UK must apply for Limited Leave to Remain through four consecutive applications over ten years. The high cost of these applications means the impact on low income families is severe as they risk destitution and indebtedness.

SLF also awarded two smaller top-up grants to two existing grantees to support their work:

JCWI was awarded £3,700 for further focused mystery shopping research to strengthen findings specifically on ethnicity discrimination made in previous SLF funded research on the Right to Rent scheme. To find out more read their report Passport Please from 2017.

Public Law Project was awarded a further £3,435 to challenge the 'removal window' policy' in an intervention in the Upper Tribunal.


If you have any queries about the Strategic Legal Fund, please contact or call 0207 251 8383.

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