Latest grants from the Strategic Legal Fund

The Strategic Legal Fund awarded four grants in its March round.

Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) and Bhatt Murphy were awarded a grant for a third party intervention in respect of a judicial review claim to challenge significant deficiencies within the accommodation and support scheme enacted by Paragraph 9, Schedule 10 of the IA 2016

Commons Legal was awarded an additional grant following their preliminary research into the implementation of the requirement for defendants in criminal proceedings to provide their nationality to the courts. Failure to provide this information is a criminal offence, regardless of whether immigration status has any bearing on the substantive offence or issues of bail. It is also retained regardless of whether the defendant is acquitted or the proceedings are discontinued.

The Project for Registering Children as British Children (PRCBC) was awarded a grant for further pre-litigation research on the good character requirement for children/young people with rights to register as British citizens. This is a significant and growing obstacle to registration for young people aged 10 or over.

The Unity Project and Deighton Pierce Glynn were awarded additional funds to complete their research report on the discriminatory impact and systemic failings in the implementation of the Home Office's policy of imposing a 'no recourse to public funds' condition on grants of limited leave to remain in the UK.


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