Latest grants from the Strategic Legal Fund

The Strategic Legal Fund awarded two grants in May.

Child Poverty Action Group - £6,237

Under Appendix EU of the Immigration Rules, EU citizens (and their family members) present in UK for less than 5 years can obtain limited leave to remain. The 7th May amendments seek to exclude from entitlement to means-tested benefits (and child benefit) someone whose only right of residence in the UK is limited leave on that basis. CPAG has been awarded funds to develop an argument that this breaches Article 18 TFEU and to find a suitable client to test it.

Detention Action Public Law Project - £5,000

Detention Action has been awarded funds to investigate, with the Public Law Project, the shortfalls in the provision of advice and representation to people in Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs) through the Detained Duty Advice (DDA) surgeries as operated under the 2018 Standard Civil Contract.


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