New report on systemic delays in the processing of minors' asylum claims

In January 2017 Elder Rahimi Solicitors received funding from the Strategic Legal Fund to investigate the incidence of delay and its impact on young asylum seekers with a view to potential litigation to compel the Home Office to treat these claims as a higher priority (click here to read more about grants the SLF has awarded).

The purpose of this research was to investigate the incidence and impact of delay in the asylum system on unaccompanied asylum seeking children, providing evidence that despite the theoretical legal protections designed to ensure that claims are handled with due diligence, in practice these are not routinely applied.

The research report aims to establish and document the prevalence of delay affecting young asylum seekers, as well as the impact of delay on young people, both in terms of their personal experiences of delay and in terms of the potential impact on their asylum claims.

To read the report click here.


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