SLF funded report on NRPF finds children denied basic benefits by Home Office

A new SLF funded report by the Unity Project and Deighton Pierce Glynn reveals the discriminatory effects of NRPF conditions and highlights many cases of children living in poverty, denied access to crucial benefits, including social housing and free school meals.

The report's findings show:

85% of those seeking to overturn their NRPF-status are single mothers
52% were forced to sleep on the floor or on a chair
94% could not afford to celebrate their children's birthdays and other special occasions
74% had at least one day where they couldn't afford to give their children a hot, nutritious meal
6% had experienced living on the street with their children
38% had their education interrupted because of their circumstances

The study of 276 cases sourced from seven organisations found that 89% of the families examined had at least one British child. 95% of the group are from ethnic minority, mostly black backgrounds. The report says the policy is having such disastrous effects it should be scrapped.

Read the full report here and check out the article in the Guardian here.


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